Graduate Certificates and Modular Courses (Stand-alone Courses)

NUS Department of Pharmacy aims to complement the national effort towards continuing education and lifelong learning and contribute towards enhancing relevant personnel skills set and manpower availability to make Singapore competitive in the pharmaceutical and allied industries, as well as the healthcare sector at large.

To this end, modular courses (stand-alone courses) are designed and delivered to cater to targeted groups of prospective students who are already working in or are aspiring to enter the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry or community-based clinical care settings industry. These modules provide up-to-date knowledge and technical know-hows to facilitate the upskilling or re-skilling of adult learners towards that transformation and adaptation in their areas of practice.

By positioning these modules as stand-alone courses, the contents and skills training are more targeted and complete on their own. It allows a lower entry-barrier for adult learners to pick and choose the relevant modules in accordance to their needs and interest, and to learn them at their own pace over time. We envisage these courses to benefit learners who are exploring their interests, needs and aptitude in a new or expanded area, without having to commit to a full qualification programme upfront.

At the same time, the modular courses provide adult learners with the option of accumulating credits for a few similar courses, and subsequently working towards a graduate certificate (2-4 modular courses) or even a MSc Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. We now have a graduate certificate in Pharmaceutical Process and Technology. Two more graduate certificates in Advanced Pharmacy Practice (APP) and Community-based Geriatric Pharmaceutical Care (CGPC) will be starting its first class in August 2020 and January 2021 respectively.

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Pharmacy Practice is officially endorsed by the Standards and Education Committee for Foundation Programme (appointed under MOH CPO) as the first in the series of graduate certificates planned for upskilling young pharmacists for intermediate/advanced level practice in community care. This is aligned with the initiative to build up manpower capabilities for community practice under the National Pharmacy Strategy as well as the development framework for pharmacists launched by MOH in May 2020. For special registration of Graduate Certificate in Advanced Pharmacy Practice, please email Dr. Yap Kai Zhen at by 30th June 2020.

Modular Courses (Stand-alone Courses)   *Application for Aug 2020 intake for modular courses opens on 27 Apr 2020 and ends on 10 Jun 2020.
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