The NUS PHARMILY welcomes you!

Pharmacy has been inseparable from mankind’s history since it fulfils one of our most basic needs. As man made his way through remote times or places, he reached out, often blindly, towards the resources of nature for cures and remedies of diseases and in the process gradually developed pharmaceutical theories, techniques and implements. The person supplying this essential service is known as a Pharmacist in modern times though he has been designated in a variety of ways throughout the ages.


Pharmacy is a profession concerned with an applied science of preparing from natural and synthetic sources suitable and convenient materials for distribution and use in the treatment and prevention of diseases. The applied science is firmly rooted in physical, chemical and biological sciences. It embraces a knowledge of the identification, selection, pharmacological action, preservation, combination, analysis and standardisation of medicines and their proper and safe distribution and use. A specialist in medications and the outcomes of their use on the healthy and sick must have a broad scientific education. The Pharmacy course is designed to give the student a solid groundwork in the relevant sciences.