Continuing Education

Clinical Preceptor Workshop

The workshop covers timely topics important to all members of the pharmacy precepting team, including clinical faculty, experiential programme coordinators, and clinical preceptors. This workshop will equip new preceptors with core skills and practical advice and offer new ideas to seasoned preceptors. Participants will also benefit from networking with clinical faculty, educators and clinical preceptors from diverse practice environments.

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National Collaborative Prescribing Programme

Collaborative prescribing aims to assist and facilitate care transformation in the community and hospitals, by providing a more holistic service with improved continuity for team-based care. The collaborative prescribing practitioner (CPP) is a member of a multidisciplinary clinical team led by a medical practitioner and his/her scope of practice is a set of services performed as part of a team. The scope and services are defined in a Collaborative Practice Agreement, under the governance of the institution, according to National standards and guidelines.

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NUSAGE is an outfit that runs academic programme by partnering with academic institutions and pharmaceutical training organizations to shape human capital for the challenges in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

iGCP course

Foundation of Clinical Diabetes Management Certification Programme

NUSAGE-PAREXEL Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management

NUSAGE-PharmENG Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Training Programme

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