Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
The mission of the Clinical & Practice Research group is to conduct cutting-edge multi-disciplinary clinical research that impacts upon the quality of healthcare in Singapore and beyond. Pharmacy Practice Research is focused at two levels. At the macro level, theoretical research explores the areas of population pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenetics. Studies also cover the inter-relationship between these areas in different ethnic groups, as well as methodological issues relating to pharmacoeconomics. At the micro level, clinical and applied research is conducted on studies that would improve patient outcome and have a significant impact on the delivery of pharmaceutical care. The areas of interest include medication-related mortality and morbidity; optimisation of health delivery in specific settings including ambulatory care, internal medicine, infectious diseases, oncology, gerontology and nephrology.

Among the most recent and impactful discoveries, this group has gained remarkable attention for:

- Improving supportive and survivorship care in patients with cancer
- Evaluating the impact of antibiotic stewardship training programmes
- Development of innovative ambulatory care services for patients with chronic diseases
- Improving management of mineral and bone disorders, as well as quality of life in patients with chronic kidney disease
- Cost-effectiveness analyses of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests and health services



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