Undergraduate Programmes

Since 1905, the Department of Pharmacy remains the only tertiary education institution in Singapore that provides pharmacy education to nurture future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, and is one of the most established pharmacy schools in Asia. In the latest 2020 QS World University Rankings by Subject, NUS is ranked 11th globally and 1st in Asia for Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

The Department of Pharmacy offers two full-time four-year degree programmes at undergraduate level, namely the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) programme and the BSc (Pharmaceutical Science) (Honours) programme.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) – New Degree Name! New Curriculum!

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who are experts on medicines. Their main role within the healthcare system is to ensure that medicines are used appropriately and safely. In the process, they actively provide advice to physicians and other healthcare practitioners on the selection, dose, interactions and side effects of medicines. They also counsel patients on their medicines and monitor their health progress to ensure that patients achieve the best outcomes with their drug therapy. As a profession, pharmacy is continuously evolving in tandem with the changing healthcare landscape and advancement in medical sciences.

Overall, the primary aim of the pharmacy course is to equip graduates with the relevant knowledge and skills for entry into the pharmacy profession. The course focuses on laying a strong foundation in pharmaceutical and clinical sciences so that graduates can readily apply these fundamental principles to their future employment, be it in community practice, hospital service, healthcare business, pharmaceutical industry or research.

Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Science)

Pharmaceutical Science is a branch of science that deals with aspects of the science and technology of medical products. This includes but is not limited to the discovery, development, manufacture, regulation, and utilisation of medical products.

The Pharmaceutical Science (PHS) programme is designed to optimize a flexibility in curriculum to allow students to take up second majors, minors, undergraduate internships, research projects and overseas exchange programmes, along with a multitude of elective modules available for all NUS students.

Minor in Pharmaceutical Science

The pharmaceutical industry in Singapore is undergoing a phase of expansion, as more pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies set up new manufacturing and research facilities here. Along with this expansion plans, manpower with relevant knowledge and skills will be sought after by the industry. In addition to the requisite domain knowledge which may be science, engineering, law or business; the employers are also seeking to hire graduates with supplementary knowledge relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

The relevant adjunct knowledge is based on foundation in pharmaceutical sciences. Having an understanding of pharmaceutical sciences will enable these graduates to quickly immerse in the environment of the industry and may ease the initial learning phase.