2015 marks our 110th Anniversary

Bowl of Hygeia: Symbol of pharmacy. Using a modified version will not only retain prompt identification but also to shine new light on the meaning of this design.

Leaves mark new beginnings: The pharmacy profession has progressed from simply medicine making and packaging to holistic pharmaceutical care.

The leaves of knowledge, technology and research: Expanding beyond – synthetic chemical drugs, biologics and natural products.

Combination of the above: Symbolic Rx, the abbreviation of the word “recipe”, and the universal symbol for prescriptions.

Pharmacy 110: Mark number of years of the department’s accomplishments. The “0” represents a capsule with a standard ECG pattern to represent pharmacy’s role in healthcare as well as “a living heart” of the pharmacy department as active and beating, striving for better.

Colour theme: Inspired from Pharmacy Week – Just Ask! Know Your Medicines, Get It Right. Using similar colours help aid identification for the public eye.

Designed by Tay Hwee Ying (Year 4 Pharmacy Undergraduate Student).